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5D of The Philippine Mountaineering

Philippines and its mantrap is the place for mountaineering and other outdoor activities. We are advocating responsible, safe and blessed mountaineering as implication of being lover of GOD and of His creations.

- To provide knowledge and inspiration for the climbing community.
- To promote advocacy and conservation for the protection of GOD's creation. 
- To provide education for the safety of the mountaineering community.
- To provide information for the advancement of Philippine mountaineering standard.

This blog is all about outdoor activities and our primary concern is to educate everyone for an enjoyable and safe experience. Purposely, some of the post on this blog will challenge and inspire you to engage in outdoor activities  however, The Philippine Mountaineering is not responsible for any risks you take and any consequences that result from those risks. 

The writers who contribute to The Philippine Mountaineering are sometimes given the opportunity to review gear that they get for free. If we get stuff for free, we’ll tell you about it. If it is necessary to extend, we’ll give it away through our facebook page (fb). The Philippine Mountaineering pays for all the expenses of our climbs (unless otherwise stated). We welcome sponsored posts as long as they are useful to the mountaineering community. You may contact us at admin@thephilippinemountaineering.com

The Philippine Mountaineering promote discussions, reflections and recommendations from the mountaineering community. We are open to comments and feedback but it should not be in form of slander, abusive, rude or inappropriate comments.