Mountaineers' Cry for Peace ~ The Philippine Mountaineering

Mountaineers' Cry for Peace

The Philippine mountaineering community is now being haunt by the news of national insurgency in the country. Currently, many schedules were cancelled due to fear brought by numerous reports of NPA sightings. This post is intended to express the position of the Philippine mountaineering community regarding the termination of the peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front- Communist Party of the Philippines.

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The five-decade insurgency in the country is evidence that there is big socio-economic problem to cure. Having President Duterte in the Malacanang Palace brought hope to the nation that the stain of bloody revolution will be lessen because of his identification to the left. The few months of peace in the country was experienced even to the country side. There were a lot of explorations done in some known Communist's territory like in Sierra Madre. The mountainous areas of Rizal were explored and the mountaineering community enjoyed the peace in the land but today the community is under fear.

Most of the mountaineering facebook pages and groups today are flooded with posts of inquiry regarding the status of mountains. Fellow mountaineers asking one another about possible closure of various mountains and the sad is the inquiry heightens the fear of some.

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The mountaineering community is now directly affected of the current all-out war of the government against the New People’s Army. The fear of possible inclusion in cross fire between the two parties is the most worrisome and being falsely identified is an issue also. Thus, we are calling for the immediate resumption of the peace talk between the government and the Communist Party so that the mountain destinations will be enjoying again by the mountaineers and tourist. The mountaineering community of the Philippines deserves peaceful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our country. We as community are looking for LASTING JUST PEACE.

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