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BSI Medicated Spray (Review)

Product Review: BSI Medicated Spray
Review sent by RotsapReb

Last year, we met a lady in BaseKamp Trinoma who challenged us to use a BSI Medicated Spray.  We gave her an opportunity to introduce the product by being on of our resource speaker on our free classroom-based Basic Mountaineering Course. There, she demonstrated the use and effectivity of BSI Medicated Spray as effective and efficient treatment for muscular pain.  She gave one for the The Philippine Mountaineering for free to test the effectiveness of the product.

From product presentation, we've learned that BSI Medicated Spray is approved by Philippine FDA as a home remedy drug. It is the only non-aerosol topical pain reliever in the Philippines.  The product has been in the market over 5 years in the Philippines.  It contains all Users include athletes, senior citizens, office workers, housewives, OFWs who suffer muscular pain. BSI Medicated Spray is available in the market nationwide in all branches of Mercury Drug Store, Rose Pharmacy, and South Star Drug.

Mountaineering is a strenuous activity and one of the common effects of this to us is to suffer muscle pain. Sometimes, because of severe muscle pains some decided to end the trek half-way, and this tendency could be avoided by having BSI Medicated Spray inside our packs. Through our experienced muscle cramps, we recommend every mountaineer and outdoor enthusiast to always bring BSI Medicated Spray inside their backpacks just like bringing water and sunblock.

On our few months of usage of the product we tested the effectivity of this while during the during warm- up prior to the trekking or climbing proper, it relaxes the muscle, hence, helps with the warm up. Also, during the trekking or climbing proper, it relieves the pain; muscles feel refreshed, and experienced more endurance.  The attack of muscle cramps for many times in the middle of trail was immediately relieved by simply having first means of spraying BSI to the affected area.

We recommend BSI Medicated Spray inside our packs because of the following reasons:

  1. Convenient. It is convenient to bring along because the packaging is handy, lightweight, and non-breakable (plastic bottle). It can be also store inside the top load of our packs for easy access.
  2. Spray form. They can easily apply the product by spraying on the affected part.
  3. No Mess.  Not messy on your hands during application. Not messy when applied to hairy parts such as legs.
  4. Effective.  It effectively relieves the muscular pain in minutes.  It is also effective in reducing muscle swelling such as muscle cramps and sprains.
  5. Just Spray. No need to massage unlike other topical pain relievers.
  6. Nice menthol odor. You will not be irritated of foul odor like other product such as liniment.

As conclusion, we recommend every mountaineer and outdoor enthusiast to always bring BSI Medicated Spray inside their backpacks just like bringing water, survival kit. This is also a MUST content of our first aid kit. Disclosure
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  1. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and knew I would need the instant pain relief once I’d finished climbing those hills of Bataan. It also reduces muscle swelling, which hampers mobility and I knew I would need to be able to move around even after my workout.

  2. where can i buy this product? pls someone answer. thanks.


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