International Day of Forests 2014 ~ The Philippine Mountaineering

International Day of Forests 2014

March 21 of this year will be the second year observance of International Day of Forests. Due to resolution of the United Nations General Assembly last November 28, 2012, International Day of Forests was resolved to observe annually every March 21st . The celebration is intended to be one of the world's leading global platforms for people with an interest in forests and climate change to share their views and work together to ensure forests are suitably incorporated into any future climate change mitigation and adaption strategies.

Forests is on our side in fighting the battle against climate change, it contributes to the balance of oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity in the air. It also protect watersheds, which supply fresh water to rivers like the Ipo watershed (which now under threat due to illegal logging). Deforestation is not only happening to our country, according also to UN studies "global deforestation continues at an alarming rate - 13 million hectares of forest are destroyed annually. Deforestation accounts for 12 to 20 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change."

Let us celebrate and support International Day of Forests. Our country is blessed by the LORD with numerous forests in various forms. United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21st of March as International Day of Forests. The Day celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of all types of forests. On each International Day of Forests, countries are encouraged to undertake local, national and international efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns.

Mountaineers can do a lot of works in connection to this event, we can do tree planting, forests protected and conservation education drive and any other possible activities that will promote protection of our forests. 

Fight against deforestation, illegal logging, mining, land conversation and all form of forests destruction. 

The forests are property of the future generation, let us protect and conserve the blessing of the LORD. 

We mountaineers should be active and vigilant in taking care our forests. All mountaineers are expected to be good stewards of forests.

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