October 2013 Free Classroom-base BMC Report ~ The Philippine Mountaineering

October 2013 Free Classroom-base BMC Report

October 2013 Basic Mountaineering Course Report

Truly, the Philippine Mountaineering community is growing. We, thephilippinemountaineering.com, as our way of promoting a movement of enjoyable and safe mountaineering experience, want to extend a free classroom-type Basic Mountaineering Course. We are thankful for the individuals and organizations who really want to help us and promote our cause. One of them was the Bad Grass Society.

Bad Grass Society is a group of outdoor enthusiasts that are bound by an innate desire to explore, experience and enjoy the marvels of nature with friends and comrades. “Grass” instills honorable practice of mountaineering lifestyle, ethics and discipline among its members. The name Bad Grass describes the group ability to be resilient in whatever challenges we face be it on the great outdoors or in life, much like our namesake which thrives and happily lives by what nature throws at them. BGS was the partner of thephilippinemountaineering.com together with BaseKamp Trinoma on our recently concluded free classroom-type Basic Mountaineering Course held at Quezon City. 

We chose to have a partnership with BaseKamp Trinoma because they are right now active in tramping activities. BaseKamp and thephilippinemountaineering.com agreed to promote safe and enjoyable mountaineering experience. Mr. Mark,  BaseKamp Trinoma Manager initiated the pre-registration of the participants and also hosted the facebook event page. By this move, BaseKamp ensure that their customer will enjoy their purchased equipment.

The course was started at 2:30 in the afternoon due to some technicalities. The total participants of the said course was 42 including the two branch managers of BaseKamp (Trinoma and Subic branches). The attendance of the said event was composed of various age brackets. The 6 hours of inter-active educational and entertaining training built a lot of friendship and also huge amount of mountaineering stuffs were given through raffle, the stuffs were form BaseKamp and Mountain Elements

The participants were so thankful with the training because of its nature (free) and because they learned and been corrected from their wrong practices. The participants participated in Basic Backpack Loading and Tent Pitching using tadploes designs of Apexus.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to Bad Grass for giving the MCAP Masters Mtr. Aleks and Mtr. Paul as part of the facilitators. It's a pleasure for www.thephilippinemountaineering.com   to introduce Mountain Climbers Alliance of the Philippines, Inc. (MCAP) as support organization of this event. Also, we want to thank Sir Rodgie, Madam Lyvia and Ms. Nora of Bali Hai Restaurant for allowing us to use their place for free. The dry fit t-shirts raffle drawn and the limited edition t-shirt of Pastor Reynold were  from Mtr. Dhicky of Mountain Elements. We want also to acknowledge the commitment of the participants from Subic and Laguna, truly the distance of Quezon City was immaterial for you just to be part of the event.

We, thephilippinemountaineering.com  are looking forward for more partnership with BaseKamp, we are open for the possibility to make this project to be nationwide in scope. 

Currently, there are lots of individuals representing various organizations are inviting us to facilitate course like this to them. You and your friends, barkada or mountaineering group can enjoy the possibility of FREE BMC by communicating with us in advance. 

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