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Types of Campers

Seven Types of Campers 

This was taken from airbed4less, we grabbed this for the intention that everyone of us might reflect. This is a good subject to discuss in the mountaineering community. We have own experience whether it is good or bad. Let us take a deeper look at the 7 Types of Campers and see where you fall. Are you "The Underprepared Camper","The Reluctant Camper", or do you find yourself under the "Mang Kanor" group, the "Retiree Camper"?

The "Roughin' It" Camper
These outdoor enthusiasts are ready to apply their survival ethics. Some of them are fanatics of Man Vs. Wild. Most of them are exaggerated in rating the mountain destination's difficulty.

The Overprepared Camper
This is the exact opposite of Bear Grylls who's ready to pack only a buck knife and his never ending knowledge of the wild outdoors. These people are enthusiasts of packing everything including "tabo" or at most the electric fan.

The Underprepared Camper
This is the group wherein most of the community belongs. Voluntarily and involuntarily many fall to this type.

The Reluctant Camper
This is the group of individuals who doesn't know what to pack and isn't interested in packing it in the first place. For some instances we can also call them the "techys" because their cellphone, ipod, camera and a spare of battery are some of the first thing they pack. They are known as the "old school facebook mountaineers" and "corporate mountaineers."

The Daycare Campers
This is the group of individuals who enjoys outdoor with their family members. They are the group happy to be with their children or even with their aunt and uncle. 

The Party Camper
This is the group of individuals always with alcoholic beverages inside their packs. These are individuals always looking forward for "socials." They are always behind the trail line due to hung-over.

The Retiree Camper
These are the "Mang Kanor" group of individuals. They really love the outdoor but due to their physical and condition they are satisfied of story telling.

Let us look deeper with 7 Types of Campers.
7 Types of Campers

This infographic is post with instruction and permission from airbeds4less.com

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  1. This is an example of stereotyping no? I'm thinking of how should we value the idea of "types of campers" in relation to matters of "responsible mountaineering".

  2. sir/ madam, we should value the idea of this post in relation to matters of responsible mountaineering by first identifying the type you/we belong then by adjusting to what should be the ideal, effective and efficient camping/ living that will suit to our destination.

  3. lordbench thank you so much for appreciating this post. may you continue to support this movement. kindly help us in identifying suitable topics for the community. GOD bless


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