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Basic Blister Management

One of the great challenge of mountaineering in the Philippines is keeping our body safe and away from any harm. Walking is one of the oldest form of transportation and with this, for sure many experienced unwanted blister.  Due to tropical weather pattern and also with unavailability of too expensive waterproof socks our feet are prone to blister.

Blister is a product of friction that rubs skin back and forth in a concentrated area. This skin problem can ruin our memorable mountaineering experience. The common reason for our skin to blister is due to our clothing and some unwanted circumstances.
Blisters are easier to avoid than to cure. These are the following basic steps to prevent any potential existences of blister:
1. Make sure you start every climb with footwear that is broken in and fits you well.
2. Don’t reuse your socks, wear clean and properly sized socks.
3. Wearing two pairs of socks is a consideration—a lightweight liner and a thicker cushioning sock—to lessen the chance of abrasion.
4. Consider applying moleskin to your typical "blister zone" as you arrive the jump-off.

Ideal responses to consider:
While on the trail if you are experiencing foot discomforts, address it as soon as it develops. A quick response can often stop a blister before it becomes serious. At the first sign of irritation, put a small patch of protective material—moleskin or even duct tape—over the affected area to minimize abrasion.

If a blister develops and walking becomes too painful, you could drain the blister by lancing it along its base with a clean razor blade or knife. Once this is done, sooth the area with some antibacterial ointment, then cover it with a patch of 2nd Skin (or similar product) plus a small adhesive bandage to keep the blistered area clean.

If the area is still sensitive, cut a doughnut-shaped cushioning patch out of duct tape and encircle the injured area. You may need to bulk up your circular pad with a number of layers to hold your sock and boot out away from the damaged area. This cushion will protect the area from further damage.

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  1. i used to have this problem. it was painful that's why i keep on preventing having it again

  2. you can share your testimony regarding your blister management.

  3. Uhm can i ask where i can buy moleskin pad/bandage?


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