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Choosing Rainwear

Top Ten Important Guidelines in Choosing Rainwear

The start of the rainy season this month of June is a serious matter to consider for our mountain experience.  Every mountaineer should have rainwear for a mountain experience this season.  Having rainwear is not a matter of having much money because there are lots of alternative to expensive foreign brands. The most important idea is to have own rainwear regardless of brand and price.
1.Remember that there is no perfect rainwear exists, but many good options are available.

2.Choose based on how well a jacket's features match your needs and preferences, not just the perceived prestige value of a logo or price.

3.Consider the Breathability. Some minimalists love the breathability of soft shells so much they rely them as their primary weather shield. Brethren, please note that there is no universally accepted testing method for fabric breathability exists. Don’t be fool of product claims; manufacturers often cite test figures that put their design in the most favorable light.
4.Consider Waterproofness. The activity level will determine the final choice. Some rain jackets are promoted as providing a waterproof rating of 40 to 45 psi (water pressure per square inch). Wind-driven rain, meanwhile, exerts a force of roughly 2 psi. All waterproof jackets offer pressure resistance of at least 3 psi. Choose the correct one.

5.Consider Warmth. Rainwear is not designed to counteract air temperature. Don't count on rain shells to provide much thermal insulation. 

6.Consider Weight. For the Philippine Mountaineering community the appropriate is the soft shell (no membrane).
7.Invest for Durable one. Look for material suit for rugged use and also abrasion- ready.

8.Consider your maneuverability. The material should have the ability to stretch. 

9.Consider your convenience and comfort. The rainwear should offer the most relaxed and roomy fits

10.Consider the looks and color. According to Martin Glaeser on his comment to our fb fan page, "The COLOR: Consider the color to be important. If you want to stay invisible or low profile, you may chose camouflage, Green or Grey. For better S&R (Search&Rescue), however, a bright color is more appropriate. Chose Yellow, Orange, Red."

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