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Uses of Trash Bag

Ten Emergency Uses of  Trash Bag

The mountaineering community ignoring to bring an extra trash bag. The bag's usage for us is only on the water proofing our stuffs inside. As you finish reading this post, may you learn to consider trash bag as one piece of vital equipment that we should not take for granted. The trash bag we are talking about is the one with 42-gallon capacity. These heavy bags have the durability that is needed to survive the abuse you will put them through out on the trail. These are the ten usage of trash bag to consider:
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Use it as an emergency water container. You certainly can't fill a 42-gallon trash bag with 42 gallons of water, but it will hold a couple of gallons easily. If you're using a trash bag this way make sure not to over fill it, it can stretch and break due to the density of the water.Remember, use a trash bag not for long-term water storage unless it is absolutely necessary because some chemicals can leech into the water and make you ill.

Use it as a emergency food bag. In some mountain destination the presence of animals are rampant and they are attracted to our food. We can prevent their attract to our food by putting our food inside trash bag. If possible, suspend the food bag out of the reach of both small and large critters.

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Use it as an emergency poncho. This is the tried and tested use of trash bag among mountaineers. In an emergency situation trash bag beats the possibility of hypothermia. If in a light rain and interested in keeping the water off the body, simply tear a hole for the head and stick it on through. If need to maneuver around, tear out holes for arms. In a heavy rain, tear out a smaller hole just for the face. Flap the trash bag from time to time to ventilate and not to build up much sweat.

Use it as a moisture barrier for your shelter.If worried about rain or moisture coming through the roof of the tent, use the trash bag to augment thatching. Cut the bag so it forms a large sheet and position it accordingly. Also if worried about the ground getting wet, use the bag as a drop cloth. If the bag isn't long enough then cut the seams so it makes a long sheet.

Use it as an emergency coat. If down to last layer of clothing and still shivering cold, use your trash bag to create another one. Make a hole for the head and two for the arms. Fill the bag with dry material that can trap pockets of air. Tuck the open end of the bag into your pants. The stuffing serves as insulation and the bag acts as a moisture barrier.

Use it as emergency rain cover for your backpack. There are unexpected circumstances that will happen any one of those is not to bring backpack cover. You can have a emergency rain cover for your backpack by tucking the open end of the trash bag into available compression straps and loops you may just be able to pull the open end of the bag over your pack. In more extreme weather you can cover the bag and tear out holes for your suspension system. Although this will keep your pack drier, the moisture barrier it forms on your back could make you very sweaty.

Use it as emergency dry sack. Although dry sacks are the best way to store your gear in a wet environment, a heavy duty plastic trash bag can be almost as effective for a fraction of the cost. In buying trash bag look for thicker and more durable one. Double wrapping is even better, but don't expect your gear to stay dry if the bag gets full immersed in water.

Use it as emergency patch for almost anything. The problem of unexpected damage of sleeping bag, tent, jacket or pack can all be temporarily repaired with the use of trash bag combine with duct tape.

Use it to save a life during a major medical emergency. In the event of a major emergency you can cut a section off of trash bag and press it into service to keep wounds clean, hold vital parts in place or help a person breathe. We recommend to take first aid course from the local Red Cross chapter. Remember, with proper training it could save a life.
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Use it as emergency garbage collection bag. As mountaineers we are expected to bring our garbage sack. If forgot to pack garbage sack, utilize the the most obvious use for trash bag- to pack out trash and litter find on the trail. Picking few stray cigarette butts, candy wrapper, trail food packaging will prevent massive destruction and disorientation of the environment.

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