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Seven Summits

Summits of the Seven Continents of the World

Every Filipino mountaineer both men and women are dreaming to reach all the highest summits within the Seven Continents of the world. As of now, we have names of mountaineers who reached the highest summit of the world, Mt. Everest. The Philippines is blessed to have 100% climbing rate in Mt. Everest.

table of  Everest Summiteers

Our country is now listed among the countries that finished the seven summits of the world through Romi Garduce's “Pito para sa Pilipino” endeavor. We witnessed the tiring journey of our co-mountaineer from his preparation to exultation.  

The "Seven Summits" is the name given to highest points of the seven continents of the world. The fame and challenge of breasting all of the Seven Summits was necessitated first and accomplished by Richard Bass of USA on April 30, 1985.

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Bass (Bass List ) chose the highest mountain of mainland Australia, Mount Kosciuszko (2,228 m/7,310 ft), to represent the Australian continent's highest summit while Reinhold Messner of Italy postulated another list (Messner list) replaced Mount Kosciuszko with Indonesia's Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 m/16,024 ft). From a mountaineering point of view the Messner list is the more challenging one. Climbing Carstensz Pyramid has the character of an expedition, whereas the ascent of Kosciuszko is an easy hike. GMA Newtork covered the record holding climb of Romi Garduce and Levi Nayahangan assault to Jaya, it was too tough and technical.

Five of the seven peaks on the list below are without question to be the highest peak of every continent they are representing these are, Everest (Asia), Aconcagua (S. America), McKinley (N. America), Kilimanjaro (Africa), and Vinson Massif (Antartica). And, while consensus today is very clearly behind Elbrus and Jaya as the other two members of this exclusive club, there is some disagreement as to what constitutes the high points of Europe and the Australia/Oceania continent.
table of Seven Summits of the World
Elbrus, lying north of the main Caucasus crest, falls into Europe by a few miles, using the classic Europe/Asia dividing line. However, there are a number of valid objections to crowning Elbrus: The Caucasus are not really thought of as very "European" (not even "Eastern European"), instead being closer to the Middle East. The alternate candidate is Mont Blanc, clearly in Europe and boasting higher prominence and isolation values than Elbrus. Still, the consensus is that when it comes to the seven summits, Mont Blanc is at best an honorable mention.

Puncack Jaya (Carstenz Pyramid) on the island of New Guinea is clearly a dominant summit in the world hierarchy--it is the highest point between the high peaks of Central Asia and the Andes, and the highest peak on an island in the world. There are two major issues with calling it one of the seven summits, first, it is hard to call it a continental high point when it is not on a continental landmass and lastly, politically it is in Indonesia, part of South- East Asia. Mount Kosciuszko is the high point of the generally flat continent of Australia, and it is sometimes proposed as an alternate for Jaya. However, the standard approach these days seems to be that continent in question is the Australia/Oceania continent, which includes Australia and most Pacific Islands. This includes New Guinea, Hawaii, and New Zealand, all of which have higher mountains than Australia.

Dick Bass completed all seven after climbing Everest in 1985, but he did Kosciuszko, not Jaya, for his Australia/Oceania summit. Canadian climber Patrick Morrow was the first to complete the now-traditional seven summits, in 1986 (Messner list). Over 100 climbers have now done the Seven Summits, and these days it has become a popular quest. Everest and Vinson are the hardest, with guide services charging tens of thousands of dollars to take people to those peaks.

The record of finishing the Seven Summits of the World is great evidence for us members of the Philippine mountaineering community with regard to our potentials, courage, determination and dedication of finishing challenges. Financial blessing will always come if the people around us will clearly see our purposes and vision. Let us not stop dreaming. We have to prove all that our country is a must for every mountaineer around the world to experience.. Let us do our best to reach our dream of finishing the list of the Seven Summits of the World.  

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  1. Everest and all the rest in the big league are a matter of 3 factors: "TIME", "FUNDING", and the best of "LUCK"!... (Edwin Gatia)

  2. Wow this is amazing! Congratulations and good luck for future summits!


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