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Low- Impact Mountaineering

Impact-less Mountaineering

Mountains are special places for us and they require special treatment from visitors (mountaineers, piknikers, campers)  in order to preserve the qualities that make them so attractive.

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Our carelessness can alter a natural landscape for the generations to come. One of the most valuable skills you can learn is the ability to "Impact-less" as we explore every creation of the LORD. Practice Impact-less Mountaineering by observing the following:

Pack out what we pack in. It's not a cliché it's the first commandment of responsible mountaineering. Please don't leave litter behind, not even a candy wrapper. 

Behave like we're a guest in a good friend's home. You wouldn't leave used tissue paper on the floor of a friend's house; likewise, pick up after yourself in the mountain. Don't snap off branches of living things; don't make a racket; don't trample the flowers. Make it your goal to disturb your surroundings as little as possible.

Stay on established trails. Choose to walk on rock or organize trail. Spread out so you don't wear a groove in trail-less terrain. Never cut switchbacks on trails.  Avoid hiking on muddy trails. If you encounter mud, walk through it, not around it. Your boots are built to handle it. Avoid short-cutting or making another trail. 

Camp nicely. Camp in established campsites whenever possible. Choose a location that conceals your presence from the sight of others.

photo courtesy of Google images 

Manage excrement properly. Dispose of human waste far (at least 200 yards) from water sources and trails. Don't make your feces as landmine.

Burn from Stove. Use a camp stove rather than building fires.

Take time to do it right. Be Responsible of your actions and words. Think of the overall good of the area, and those who will follow you. Your decisions will impact how others are able to enjoy the area you are visiting.

Conserve Wildlife. Keep your food away from wildlife, and never feed animals intentionally; it alters their natural foraging habits.

Make it your goal to Leave No Trace.

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  1. Very useful information, A good manner that we need to maintain as responsible mountaineers..

  2. Thank you so much Albert the Backpacker for your message. it is our goal to help the mountaineering community and to promote the beauty of mountaineering. kindly help us in promoting the principles. GOD bless!

  3. Nice!..peopLe [outd0or enthusiast] sh0uLd aLways put these in mind..happy cLimbing..be safe:-)

  4. thank you so much for the commendation. We are counting on your support so that others might realize the need to practice Impact-less Mountaineering.

  5. thumbs up! very nice to share

  6. Thanks for appreciating our post sir?madam. may you continue to enjoy reading our posts and also help us in promoting this movement


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